After the sudden passing of Rashi Minkowitz, at age 37 the mother of 8 and Shlucha to Alpharetta, GA so many people around the world took part in a huge campaign to add in acts of goodness and kindness in her honor.

4 years ago today, marks the passing of my good friend and in her honor we started this shoe fund, which raises money to buy shoes for children in need. Before the new school year and then again before the holiday of Pesach we help over 100 children in the community get new shoes. All of these children get fitted and sized for brand new shoes so they can go into the holidays with comfortable and shiny new shoes. So many orphans and families that are struggling would otherwise be wearing old and tattered shoes if not for your generous donations.

Thank you for joining in our 8th season of this shoe drive! Each donation of $40 goes directly to buying a new pair of shoes for a child in need!

Think about it, your contribution of $80 can help buy 2 pairs of shoes.

Your $200 contributions can pay for shoes for 5 siblings!

A donation of $400 will help us buy 10 new pairs of shoes for children this Pesach!